Memories of Musical Lives

A monograph published recently by Lyrebird Press of the University of Melbourne includes chapters by both curators of this website. Memories of Musical Lives: Music and Dance in Personal Music Collections from Australia and New Zealand was edited by Dr Rosemary Richards and Dr Julia Szuster and has contributions from scholars on both sides of the Tasman.  It goes without saying that several of our notables have been included in the chapters penned by our curators, shining a light on those who are often overlooked when considering the history of music in New Zealand.  Charles Bonnington and George Brownlee are just two of the composers who appear, alongside music sellers George West, Douglas Lillicrap and John Varty.   

“Music-lovers from Australia and New Zealand have collected and bound sheet music and handwritten music since the earliest years of settlement. In these nine essays, the authors discuss music and dance collections found in libraries, historic houses, archives and homes, explaining what these cherished artefacts reveal about the owners, their emotional life and their musical practice. Beautifully illustrated, and with suggestions for how these collections might be further explored or disseminated, this is a landmark book in the history of music in private life.”  Lyrebird Press, University of Melbourne.