Honouring our Notables

Last month was an exciting month for us as two of our notables were inducted into the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame. Charles and Jessie Begg were recognised for their contribution to music in New Zealand, a legacy that lasted over 100 years and is still having an impact on New Zealand’s musical life today. In addition to the many dozens of musicians who worked in the branches of Begg’s, the business Charles and Jessie established, many of our notables had connections with the pair.

As music publishers, Begg’s published the original compositions of dozens of New Zealanders, including James Brown, Llewellyn Owen, Harold Tidman and James T May. Although primarily a retailer, Begg’s was also a wholesaler and supplied pianos, other instruments and music to music retailers such as Milner & Thompson, Chrisps and H Collier & Sons.

With Charles and Jessie Begg’s Business Hall of Fame induction, their legacy is now firmly locked in New Zealand’s musical and social history and we will continue to add notables associated with the couple to Musical Notables of New Zealand over the coming months.