Below are all of our available notables associated with the city of Christchurch

Anglo-American Music Stores
Bonnington, Charles
Brown, James
Bunz, Carl Ferdinand
Burnes-Loughnan, Mary
Chivers, Albert Meredith
Coupland, Harriet
Crosbie, Robert Peel
Cutler, Charles Lewis
Fleury de Raisson, Achille
Flood, William Haydn
Gofton, John
Hamilton, Alexander
Hart, George R.
Hawker, Sidney
Horne, Robert A.
Jenkins, Edgar Henry
Kelsey, Arnold R.
Klippel, Alec
Lilly, Arthur
Lund, Hermann Maier
Milner, John Joseph
Pearce, Nicholas Thomas
Rossiter, Richard Henry
Rowley, Alice
Searelle, Luscombe
Spensley, James
Tendall, George
Thompson, Robert
Van Asch, Elsie
Webley, William, William Usher and Thomas Usher
Webley & Sons/Webley, Sons & Gofton