Below are all our available notables associated with the city of Wellington

Anglo-American Music Stores
Atkinson, Beatrice (later Tombs)
Benzoni, Louis Alexander
Bonnington, Charles
Chivers, Albert Meredith
Cimino, Salvatore
Cowley, John
Crowther, Francis Arthur
Don, Archibald Rae
Dyson, Nelson
Fleury de Raisson, Achille
Flood, William Haydn
Forrest, Hugh
Hankins, Melville Earl
Hill, George (Alec)
Hill, Alfred
King, Edwin James
King, Edwin James Jnr
King, Francis Arthur
Lillicrap, Douglas Vernon
Marten, William Benjamin
McGlashan, John
Medley, Adela Mary
Neill, Maria
Norberg, Andrew
Oakes, Francis Joseph
Parker, Robert
Pinny, Frederick James
Quill, Denis William
Reichardt, George
Richmond, Mary Elizabeth
Russell, Charles
Silk, Arthur
Swallow, Martin
Te Aro Music Warehouse
Trimnell, T. Tallis
Trowell, Arnold
Watkins, Laurence
Willeby, Charles
Williamson, James