A miscellany of musical notables

Its been a while since anything has been added to this page but there has been work going on adding new entries for some musical notables. They range from piano tuners, to violinists, through musical directors and brass band leaders. So here is a list of those who have been added over the last few months.

Frank Amodeo, Joseph Brown, Hubert Chattaway, Arthur Consterdine, Lionel Cox, Wyndham Earee, Florian Elliston, Katherine Foster, Sydney Hoben, Eric Moss, Hannah Packer, James Patterson, Michael Quinn, Minna Rehberg, Caroline Seegner, Agnes Shearsby, Paul Sonderhof, Henry Spackman, Roy Spackman, Henry Spiller, Horace Stebbing, Frederick Stokes, Isabella Stone, Francis Strong, Mary Symons, John Terrell, Arthur Towsey, Edith Whitelaw.

And we are pleased to be able to confirm that the “Menu” button is working again when viewed on a mobile phone.

Happy reading.