A technical glitch, and repeated “C”s

It’s come to our attention that anyone accessing the site from their mobile phone could be having difficulties as the menu “hamburger” button has stopped working. This is a technical problem beyond our control but the problem has been reported so we are hoping for a fix before too long.

In the meantime, you can still access the content from your mobile by clicking on one of the page titles (e.g. Notables,. or Features) and navigating from there.

We have added new feature highlighting the connection of the Australian mining magnate, Alice Cornwell or “Princess Midas” as she was referred to in the press. There are also a number of other listing for notables whose surtnames start with “C” including Anson Cato, David Cope, Robert Crosbie, Albert Crozier, Arthur Culpan and John Curreen.