One year on

Happy first anniversary to us!

It’s been a year since this site was launched and there are now over 220 entries for various people and companies who made notable contributions to the world of music making in New Zealand 1840-1920. We have included composers and music retailers, music instrument makers, organists, brass band conductors, singers and music teachers, along with a turkophone player (see the recent entry on Ali Ben Sou Alle). Some other recently added people include Frederick Jones, composer of the famous Barn Dance, Angelo Forrest, Alice Hyatt, D. W. Quill and C. S. Thomas.

Thank you to those who have contacted us, especially those who have been able to supply photos of people – being able to put a face to the name really does make a difference.

There are so many more notables to add and we will continue to upload new entries in the fairly random order we have been following until now. If there is anyone you would like to see included please let us know. We hope you are enjoying reading about some of the characters who are often unsung but who were part of the active and vibrant musical life of New Zealand during this period.

Music Room, Whanganui (Alexander Turnbull Library)